What is a Rare Bird?

About Us

We are a San Francisco-based training club that swims, bikes, runs, and has fun. Our birds have goals from first half marathon, nth Ironman, staying in shape, to saying pfffttt to all that training and just enjoying some post race nectar with the flock. We are ‘average joes’ shaking off rust, to bad-ass competitors gunning to win.

Regular training is group workouts twice a week (speed and long). For key races we make season schedules, add self directed workouts, and hold more targeted group trainings. While we plan workouts, show maps, give tips, etc., this is NOT a pay for play club. You come along and join the flock on your free will.

While we don't officially fundraise, we do value the power of the community and partner with groups like Team Cancer Sucks. If you are interested in flying together (whether it is hosting an event, showing up to your date auction, looking for cross-promotion), or just want to chat, send a note: birdcalls@rarebirdathletics.com. Ca-Caw!


We are endurance and fun junkies' athletes


The thinking man and woman's athlete. Found in small groups bonding over swim, bike, run, (transition), (nutrition), (fun). Join for common camaraderie, sense of overall accomplishment, and a rockin body.


The classic endurance athlete. Can be seen in parks, bay fronts, city roads, and old school tracks. A pair of shoes, some will, and the right bird seed can enable anyone to start out as a running bird. Come with sneakers, leave with wings.


The purist endurance athlete. Guided by their unconditional love for the open road and their cycling machine. Join the rolling flock for long rides, beautiful scenery, epic climbs, and downhill bombs.


The adrenaline athlete. Can be found smoking cigars late evening, sipping rye whiskey, and waxing poetic about defying death. Then, getting up early next morning to kick ass at full speed. Mud, ski, glacier, hill, music, sail. Bring it.

Come out and train today!

Fun, mandatory.

Flight Paths

Some of our favorite workouts and events

THE BIG BIRDS (coaches)

Couple of folks who wanted to train together. And not be boring!

Erik "ends sentences with questions" Jennings

The Salmon Streak, Esquire

Known for running, awkward bird calls, and making bad triathlon related bets. Memorable races: Ironmanz Coors De Lane, Death Ride, and some train bar crawl.

Mick "You're not Irish" McGee

Patient Zero

Known for general adventuring, winning and losing silly bets on just about anything, and loud laughs over beer. Memorable races: Lost to a dog in an Alcatraz swim, kicking tail at Wheelbarrow Olympics 2013, and still bitter about 2nd place first grade 50 m dash.

Farooq "No Fly List" KHAN!

The Original Useless Superpower Superhero

Known for eating twinkies, blogging about twinkies, Instagramming about twinkies, investing in baknrupt twinkies companies. And steaks. Memorable races: The Twinkies 5k, The Twinkies 10k, The Twinkies TwinkK, and setting significant PRs after sprained ankles.

Marie "Good Casa.. Yeah right. BAD Casa!" Casabonne

Six Degrees of Marie

Known for having Fred Flinstone-like turnover, powering through long runs while terribly hungover, planning kickass fundraisers for all types of causes and gifting rock-hard abs to unsuspecting athletes by way of core. Memorable races: That race I did that one time. And that other time. And I ran real fast that time.

Lola Bear, nuff said

Assistant Coach, Swaggar

Known for stuntin on the course and selling her body. Memorable races: Wildflower (which she fully put out of her memory), and that one race where your knee was killing you and she ran with you the whole time.

Joe Whelan (Who?)

That guy

Known for The Jingle Beer Run, The Joe Whelan Memorial 10k, and Asics, his dog. Memorable races: The Chupacabra Chase. The Bigfoot Stomp. The Rake Wake and Shake 15 m(eter).