Kezar Track – OPEN. Reinvigorating the love of track running for real world athletes.

Kezar track is FINALLY reopening after extensive renovations. It’s been a long wait since last summer to get back to one of the most popular (and only) tracks in San Francisco.  Perhaps most importantly, it’s great to be back at the track closest to Kezar Pub (ask for our favorite server, Sinead).

I happened to be listening to a Freakonomics podcast, “What’s the ‘Best’ Exercise,” when I heard the official news that Kezar track was back in business. As is my wont (whether it be The Simpsons, South Park, Game of Thrones, or whatever else I get into), I intertwined my thinking between the two, and started making conclusions for one based on the other. (BTW, all problems in life can be solved by closely watching King of the Hill).


I must admit, I love track. So I’m biased. But the podcast really highlighted several things about why I love track. The host interviewed a doctor who is often asked what is the best exercise that can get the most for the least effort. He said that he responds to this question by asking people what they really want. He listed a bunch of real-life reasons that he often hears:

  • Run my first marathon or triathlon
  • Take my game to the highest level
  • Get a little better
  • Look better in a bathing suit
  • To not get tired when playing with my kids

Real-life reasons are exactly why we started Rare Birds — Athletics for the rest of us. For the vast majority, real-life reasons do not include gold medals, sponsorship, and the glamour life — some of us, yes.  But all of us CAN define a “highest level” that fits ourselves, whatever goal that may be.

The podcast summarizes the expert feedback into the “Three I’s”, which really connects to my own track philosophy.

  • Intensity – Work very hard for a brief period of time. Take a break. Go hard again. Many studies have shown that high intensity interval training can get the same physiological benefits as long, consistent endurance training. … Many run experts are adopting this quality-over-quantity run philosophy as a core of training; see, Run Less, Run Faster. It’s a perfect fit for real-life athletes.
  • Individualization – Know what you like. You need to pick what suits you. … Track gives lots of opportunities to fit a workout to you. You are only ever at most 400 meters from your coach and teammates. Easy to check in and socialize as needed. Easy to control your pace and run as hard as you like (or not, as the case may be).
  • I like to do it – The best exercise is the one that you will do. … You can have more fun at track with different workouts than anywhere else. Beautiful scenic views are awesome out on the trail or open road, but for a sheer playground of run fun, you can’t beat a track.

COME JOIN US AT KEZAR TRACK!!! (Usually Wed night 6:45p – Ask for Asics Joe.)