Beyond Aero: A New Berkeley Bike Shop That’s Beyond the Norm

As a father of two young boys, I visit pediatricians regularly. When I do, I’m always a bit shocked at how the waiting room in your typical pediatrician’s office can be so grimy. The children’s books and magazines are sticky to the touch and pockmarked with suspicious-looking stains. The air everyone’s forced to share is as stale as a windowless weight room, filled with the musty coughs of sick kids. And the room is acutely cramped, with patients, parents, and boxes of medical supplies squeezed into every square foot. In short, a pediatric waiting room can be pretty repulsive.



Which brings me to the first time I walked into Beyond Aero, a new high-end full-service bike shop in Berkeley that caters to both cyclists and triathletes. My very first thought as I stepped into the place was, “Wow, this is cleaner than my kids’ pediatrician’s office.” It’s what every doctor’s waiting room should be: sparkling, spotless, and thoughtfully designed. Its modern and appealing mix of wood, brick, and concrete is straight out of Dwell magazine. Beyond Aero is almost certainly the best-kept bike shop I’ve ever personally visited, and it puts my boys’ pediatrician’s office to shame.

But its cleanliness and easy-on-the-eyes architectural trimmings aren’t the reason why you should visit Beyond Aero. You should go there for the outrageously impressive bikes.

Beyond AeroIn my opinion, truly impressive, showstopping bikes can be hard to find in Bay Area bike shops. While indisputably great rides, the Specialized and Cannondale bikes you can find in nearly any bike shop feel ho-hum to me. Beyond Aero, on the other hand, has got some real showstoppers in its store.

They begin right when you enter the front door, where greeting you is a Scott Plasma previously owned and personally autographed by the newly crowned Ironman World Champion, Sebastian Kienle. “Sebi,” as he’s widely known in Europe, is a friend of Beyond Aero’s proprietor, Andres Douzoglou, an accomplished amateur cyclist and triathlete in his own right. (I know I’ve never qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships.) Andres’s main stash of drool-inducing bikes is parked just around the corner from Sebi’s old ride. It consists of some of the most desired road and triathlon bikes on the market today. From what I could tell during my visit, in addition to top-end bikes from Boardman and Guru – brands that you wont find at just any local bike shop – it primarily carries Cervelos.  Thus, as you might imagine, it carries Cervelo’s full-line of popular road and P-Series triathlon bikes, and can build any one of them in-house to your exact specifications. Andres can properly fit you on one as well, in the stand-alone fit studio behind the main bike shop, which is equipped with a top-of-the-line Purely Custom Fit Bike Pro.

Now, what you might not imagine is that Beyond Aero even carries Cervelo’s latest “Project California” RCA – which, at $10,000 for just the frame, is easily Cervelo’s spendiest and most technologically advanced bike. It’s known in my house as the “Buy-It-And-We’re-Divorcing” bike. Bikes don’t get any better. So while it might not be entirely fair to judge the quality of a bike shop on the brands and models that it’s allowed to offer by manufacturers, believe me, if Beyond Aero has Project California bikes in stock and in a wide range of sizes, Cervelo thinks highly of the place (and it explicitly does). You probably should too.

Rare Birds therefore warmly welcomes Beyond Aero to the Bay Area triathlon community. We can always use another first-rate independent bike shop here.  If you visit, say we sent you.